Developed by William O'Neil of Investor's Business Daily, CANSLIM is a method of screening for stocks based on the folllowing seven characteristics. It should be noted that typically, only 2% of the database will qualify as buy candidates using these screening applications. Also, when the Market Edge "Market Posture" is bearish, there will not be any selections since the M part of the formula requires a favorable market environment. In order to qualify as a CANSLIM stock the company needs to have the following characteristics: • C=Current Earnings: Quarterly earnings per share are up 25% or more. • A=Annual Earnings: Five year average compounded earnings growth rate is greater that 24%. • N=New Highs: The stock is within 15% of making a new 52-week high and is breaking out of a period of consolodation. • S=Shares Outstanding: The number of shares outstanding is less than 50 million shares and there has been a recent increase in trading volume. • L=Leading Stocks: The company is a market leader reflected by a Relative Strength Value (RSV) of 80 or higher.A RSV of 80 means that the stock outperformed 80% of all other stocks in the data base during the past year. • I=Institutional Ownership: Institutional sponsorship should be minimal but there should be at least one major institution with a sizeable position in the stock. • M=Market Conditions: The Market Edge "Market Posture" should be Bullish.During periods when the posture is bearish, there will not be any selections.

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S.No. Name CMP Rs. P/E Mar Cap Rs.Cr. Div Yld % NP Qtr Rs.Cr. Qtr Profit Var % Sales Qtr Rs.Cr. Qtr Sales Var % ROCE % Exp Qtr EPS Rs. EPS Qtr Rs. Avg PAT 5Yrs Rs.Cr.
101. PNC Infratech 414.0016.1110620.740.12185.0032.442046.6413.5014.789.727.21506.38
102. Chemplast Sanmar 470.657441.420.00-89.38-429.33888.10-25.2814.86-2.54-5.65214.77
103. Zydus Lifesci. 896.3527.8190728.900.67789.9023.344505.205.8314.9612.617.802475.33
104. Shyam Metalics 657.2017.1718344.520.27125.8094.233315.2913.4715.017.754.99871.28
105. Indo Count Inds. 306.5017.816070.350.6658.0653.96713.428.5415.075.892.93219.70
106. T N Petro Prod. 98.6014.23887.101.524.54-32.07345.88-32.2515.130.940.5099.97
107. HFCL 113.7055.7316245.110.1882.43-14.451032.31-4.9315.170.760.58261.87
108. Shankara Build. 790.8523.781807.090.3121.4230.851177.278.9615.5915.189.3736.60
109. CCL Products 648.3031.978624.180.8563.29-13.37664.4824.1315.766.354.76195.27
110. Choice Intl. 287.4547.615731.170.0040.28183.60207.28115.1515.783.401.9829.74
111. Andhra Sugars 114.9518.931557.991.708.64-78.89451.05-19.3315.971.310.74189.47
112. Crompton Gr. Con 290.3043.0118586.061.0385.450.231692.6911.6415.972.351.34509.32
113. Minda Corp 424.8536.4810157.280.2752.490.441165.819.1316.472.972.2092.73
114. Star Cement 208.6027.798431.200.0073.5239.06651.405.5416.803.111.82264.96
115. Thangamayil Jew. 1335.0029.063663.130.4528.00103.34895.9020.3316.8217.9610.2056.16
S.No. Name CMP Rs. P/E Mar Cap Rs.Cr. Div Yld % NP Qtr Rs.Cr. Qtr Profit Var % Sales Qtr Rs.Cr. Qtr Sales Var % ROCE % Exp Qtr EPS Rs. EPS Qtr Rs. Avg PAT 5Yrs Rs.Cr.
116. Rain Industries 207.4023.656975.890.47-65.75-116.314160.26-25.4017.095.21-2.68705.05
117. Zen Technologies 821.4560.896903.870.0231.67414.1298.08197.8417.2812.043.7724.47
118. Indoco Remedies 362.8031.483343.210.6115.56-24.69459.4215.0917.374.001.7782.62
119. Metropolis Healt 1719.9570.648810.790.4627.29-24.13291.121.9817.387.705.30158.03
120. Triven.Engg.Ind. 354.5018.277759.930.93137.40-6.711311.18-10.3617.538.816.28362.28
121. Natco Pharma 1028.2014.4218416.060.92212.70241.41758.6054.0317.6729.5011.88466.59
122. Rane Brake Lin. 807.0016.89623.803.1010.1210.36164.257.1217.6918.0213.0932.90
123. Indian Sucrose 106.857.74185.690.001.76-72.6765.79-36.6718.127.771.0124.27
124. The Anup Enginee 2790.0033.682765.210.5220.1745.32128.4012.2218.1442.1520.3551.12
125. Torrent Power 1130.7029.4154343.371.16374.13-47.446366.09-1.1918.3012.787.491315.77
Median: 242 Co. 724.830.278990.390.4663.8516.81784.258.4817.687.954.92176.06
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