About Us

Screener was created by Ayush and Pratyush Mittal (brothers) in 2009. Our dad has been investing since 1980s — he has a passion for analyzing financial statements. His approach to investing led us to create Screener.

Dad loves to discover small growing companies available at bargains. The era of internet was just starting-off when we entered high school. Quarterly numbers of the companies were now being published on bseindia.com and capitalmarket.com. Each morning, at 5AM - an hour before we readied for school, dad would wake us and ask us to download and print new quarterly results. While printing the numbers, Ayush was often fascinated by the mis-pricings market provided. There were cases of changes in regulations, turnarounds in companies or sudden reduction in interest cost and debts. Cases where though the earnings increased, and appeared maintainable, the prices were highly discounted as the companies were lesser known names. Ayush has continued his pursuit for such cases ever since.

Pratyush has a craze for coding. He wanted to automate this whole workflow so that we can study-through more number of companies in a day, and more so because he hated waking up at 5. Pratyush learned a few programming languages to automate the process first in excel, then shifted it to cloud and then converted it into a mass utility tool called Screener.in.

Both of us got into full time investing after completing our Chartered Accountancy. Though traditionally being balance sheet guys, we have tried to shift gears into more in-depth research and quality scuttlebutt. We have been a helping hand at ValuePickr.com — it connects like minded people with a passion for hard-work in equities.

We along with Dad continue to track a large number of small-cap stocks in search for mis-pricing. Screener.in helps us in covering this large space at a brisk pace.

Contact Us

You can leave us a message at support page or call us at: +91-904-319-2221 (during office hours).