Change Log

May 2024

Related Party Transactions

We have introduced the "Related Party" tab (in the Profit & Loss section) which captures related party transactions from annual reports.

Note: As this is still experimental, there might be a few errors in extracting transactions from annual reports.
Related Party Transactions

April 2024

Added Capsules showcasing the Features

We have many powerful features like Concall Notes, Price Alerts, Tracking Commodity prices, etc.. However, less than 3% of our users utilize these features.

We have added several capsules on the News Feed page. These capsules are designed to highlight the features of our screener and provide users with step-by-step guidance on how to effectively utilize them.

March 2024

Enhanced Screener Premium Page

We have upgraded our Payments Page to display a comprehensive breakdown of premium features.

Clicking on the ℹ️ (information icon) will reveal a concise GIF illustrating the functionality of each feature.

Enhanced Charts & Index Page

A) We have added a small optimization in the charts. The volume bars now show the combined volume from BSE + NSE. This gives the right chart for companies that were earlier listed only on one exchange.
Chart of Ion Exchange

B) We have added the Moving averages data to the Index Page and Now, the Index constituents can also be downloaded to Excel allowing for more in-depth analysis. 

February 2024

Debtors Bifurcation on the Balance sheet

Now, we show these line items by making "Trade Receivables" clickable on the balance sheet.
- Receivables over 6months
- Receivables under 6months
- Provision for doubtful debts
- Trade receivables
Debtors Bifurcation
Note: The trade receivables will be clickable only when the receivables over 6 months are more than 5% of trade receivables.

January 2024

A quick Tutorial on How to use

We have made a few videos that will help you effectively utilize the features on the website. These videos will help you understand how to read Financial statements, create screen & price alerts, build your custom screen, and other insights into the hidden features of

You can watch the Videos here:

December 2023

Track Upcoming Concalls

On the Latest Filings page, we have added a new section for Upcoming Concalls.
Now, our users can track the Date and Time of the Upcoming Concalls on the above page.

Added Index Data

We have added separate pages for Indices like Nifty 50, Sensex, Nifty Bank, Nifty Auto and others.

On the index page, we show:

a) Index value -  PE, PBV, Div Yield, and others
b) Charts - Price, PE, Dividend Yield, and Price to Book value
c) Constituents - Here, we provide the list of stocks part of the Index.
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