Change Log

March 2023

✨Added Concall Notes on Screener.

 These are super-super helpful. Reading a 24-page raw transcript is hard.
Concall Summary.jpg 207.76 KB
The notes reduce them to 1-2 pages with proper headings and bullet points. Read 10x more transcripts at the same time. 

February 2023

✨ Improved the mobile navigation.

 - Added scroll-aid on top for mobiles too.
- Moved the search button to the bottom for easier access.
Screener New UI.jpg 159.4 KB

Median Values

 We have added a median row for Screen results, peer comparison, and watchlists.
Median Value.jpg 33.96 KB

A median row might help in understanding the industry-wide margins, or industry-wide returns. It shows median values for all the columns we select. 

Added new ratios for RSI and MACD

We have added the below new ratios:
- MACD Signal
- MACD previous day
- MACD Signal previous d

We can use them on screens like:
RSI > 80 or RSI < 20

MACD > MACD Signal and
MACD previous day < MACD Signal previous day 

December 2022

Search Everywhere

  We have added a full-text search for Con calls, Key insights, and Announcements.

Want to search for companies supplying to "Coca-Cola" or Tesla? Or con calls where management said we expect the "margins will improve"?

Use "Search Everywhere"!
Search Everywhere

August 2022

✨ Follow your Favourite Investors ✨

You can follow any Investors/Institutions of your choice and you will get a mail alert for any new bulk deals, block deals, or changes in over 1% company shareholdings.
Follow Investors of your choice

Stock Price Alerts

Now you can create alerts for any stocks based on various price parameters, Moving Averages & PE ratios, and get notifications every day around 2 PM through the mail.
Price Alerts

July 2022

Bulk and Block Deals data

 We have added the Bulk and Block deals data under the Deals/ Trades tab on the Investors table of the company page.
This feature allows you to view:
- Shareholder pages display the bulk and block deals along with major holdings.
- Company pages show bulk and block deals too now.
- A "recent deals" indicator.
- Reverse search for people from company pages.
- A page to browse through the latest deals:
Bulk and Block Deals Data