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May 2022

January 2022

Real Time Price update

We have started showing the real-time price updates of the stocks with a 5-15 Minute delay from the exchange prices.
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The price-related ratios such as Market Cap, PE, Dividend yield also gets updated simultaneously and the screen results will also use the real-time data 

December 2021

November 2021

October 2021

September 2021

Performance Enhancements and New Updates

In this month, we have improved our working around a few of our existing features.
Performance Enhancements:
- Improved calculation of trade payable days in cases where material cost was a very low and fixed formula for cash conversion cycle where trade payables were very low.
- Improved detection of quarterly result PDF in announcements
-Improving classification of announcements to enhance user feeds.
- Improved search results for companies. This will produce the most appropriate and speedy results and can handle partial words better.

New Ratio
- Added a New ratio for Public shareholding, which shows the Public Shareholding% of a company as per the latest filings.

Upcoming Feature update:
Currently, We update the Current price before 7 PM. Now, we are working on providing the live prices of the stocks with 15 Minute delayed data from the stock exchange.