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Docs Change Log

March 2021

New ratios

Added new ratios for:
FII holding 
Change in FII holding 
Change in FII holding 3Years 

DII holding 
Change in DII holding 
Change in DII holding 3Years

Operating profit growth
The FII and DII holding ratios are useful to search for companies where the institutional holding is increasing or decreasing.

February 2021

Bug fixes

- Fixed show more button for key points. The button didn't show in few cases

- Fixed formula for ROIC (Return on invested capital) to consider long term loans and advances in case of lending companies
- Fixed formula for PE in case of consolidated results to exclude exceptional items

New ratios for DMAs

We excited to add 4 new ratios: DMA 50, DMA 200, DMA 50 previous day and DMA 200 previous day 

These can be used for variety of scans. We can use them to search for cross-overs using query like:
DMA 50 > DMA 200 AND
DMA 50 previous day < DMA 200 previous day 
Link to the above query

January 2021

Bug fixes

- Fixed merging of shareholder names in few cases.
- Fixed annual report links in few cases.