Change Log

April 2023

✨ Track Latest Quarterly results

You can now track latest results on a single page:

You can filter the results by market cap, exchange and result date. You can also sort the results by highest growth or turnarounds.

The exchange filter can be used to see results of only SME companies.
Track Quarterly Results

March 2023

✨Added Concall Notes on Screener.

 These are super-super helpful. Reading a 24-page raw transcript is hard.
Concall Summary.jpg 207.76 KB
The notes reduce them to 1-2 pages with proper headings and bullet points. Read 10x more transcripts at the same time. 

February 2023

✨ Improved the mobile navigation.

 - Added scroll-aid on top for mobiles too.
- Moved the search button to the bottom for easier access.
Screener New UI.jpg 159.4 KB

Median Values

 We have added a median row for Screen results, peer comparison, and watchlists.
Median Value.jpg 33.96 KB

A median row might help in understanding the industry-wide margins, or industry-wide returns. It shows median values for all the columns we select. 

Added new ratios for RSI and MACD

We have added the below new ratios:
- MACD Signal
- MACD previous day
- MACD Signal previous d

We can use them on screens like:
RSI > 80 or RSI < 20

MACD > MACD Signal and
MACD previous day < MACD Signal previous day 

December 2022

Search Everywhere

  We have added a full-text search for Con calls, Key insights, and Announcements.

Want to search for companies supplying to "Coca-Cola" or Tesla? Or con calls where management said we expect the "margins will improve"?

Use "Search Everywhere"!
Search Everywhere

August 2022

✨ Follow your Favourite Investors ✨

You can follow any Investors/Institutions of your choice and you will get a mail alert for any new bulk deals, block deals, or changes in over 1% company shareholdings.
Follow Investors of your choice

Stock Price Alerts

Now you can create alerts for any stocks based on various price parameters, Moving Averages & PE ratios, and get notifications every day around 2 PM through the mail.
Price Alerts