Change Log

Docs Change Log

May 2021

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Performance improvements
- improved loading times by increasing resources
- fixed database issues for performance
- implemented page limits to prevent misuse and improve security
- improved rendering times in charts
- faster delivery of watchlist emails in the morning

Bug fixes
- Improved search for companies when using "limited" or "ltd" in the suffix
- fixed formula for PAT where weird adjustments in minority interest are done by companies.

April 2021

March 2021

New ratios

Added new ratios for:
FII holding 
Change in FII holding 
Change in FII holding 3Years 

DII holding 
Change in DII holding 
Change in DII holding 3Years

Operating profit growth
The FII and DII holding ratios are useful to search for companies where the institutional holding is increasing or decreasing.