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January 2021

December 2020

Mobile shortcut app for Screener

Though we don't yet have a mobile app for Screener, the website works great on any device.

You can also add it to home screen to use it just like any other app.

To add screener to your home page like any other app on your phone you have to follow few simple steps:
  1. Open your browser.
  2. Click on the three dots as shown below.
Click on three dots for menu

3. Then click on "Add to Home Screen".

Select "Add to Home Screen" from menu

4. Then click on "Add".
Click Add

5. And then finally you have to click the button "Add Automatically" or you can touch and hold the screener icon to place it manually wherever you want in your phone.
Select "Add automatically" for icon
6. The Screener App will show on home screen now:
Screener Web App on home screen

Remember toggles in charts

We recently added the new performance chart. It plots quarterly results of last 10-15 years. It also plots gross, operating and net margins.

You can toggle these margin lines by clicking the legend below the chart. These toggles settings are saved now and remembered the next time you open any company page.

November 2020

Customised Excel Sheets for Companies

You might be have some of your own investment models. Screener allows you to upload your own Excel sheets and automate much of your analysis work.

So let us open NESTLE on Screener. Click on Export to Excel.
Click "Export to Excel" on any company page

Let us add Median PE (price to earning ratio) of last 10 years to the sheet.
Now Save the sheet and upload it on Screener:
upload-excel.gif 547.47 KB
Wow! You have automated this workflow. Now whenever you will click on Export to Excel for any company, it will remember to show your Median PE.

Lets open INFOSYS to check it out.
Automated excel customisations for all companies