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October 2023

Track Upcoming Corporate Actions.

The Latest Filings page has three sections:
1) Documents
2) Trades
3) Corporate Actions

In the Corporate Actions Table, we have added pages for:
1) Bonus
2) Splits
3) Right Issues
4) Buy Backs
5) Dividends
Track Corporate Actions

September 2023

Captured No. of Shareholders Data

There is an interesting correlation between the No. of Shareholders and the Stock returns as shown in the below Screenshot.
TCS Chart
Now, we have added a separate column for the No. of Shareholders in the Shareholding Pattern Table.
No. of shareholders column

August 2023

Change in Calculation Methodolgy

1) Historical ROCE Calculation
We have historical ROCE ratios like Average return on capital employed 3,5,7,10 Years. Earlier, we calculated it based on the weighted average. Now, the ratios show the median value.

2) Median PE Algorithm
Earlier, the Historical PE 3,5,7,10 years ratio showed the year-end values. Now it is calculated by taking the average values across all the traded days for the said period.

July 2023

Detailed Breakup of Net Profit

We often receive queries from our users around Net profit like why doesn't it reconcile with EPS or PE and where is the minority interest adjusted?
Now we provide a break up under Net profit for:

June 2023

Added WPI data to the Trade data

Earlier, we showed the Export/Import data in the Trade Data. Now, we have also added the Whole Sale Price Index data of over 10,000 commodities.
Screenshot 2023-06-10 at 10.33.06 AM.png 234.95 KB

We source the data from the official Government    website:

May 2023

Enhanced SME updates and calculations

Improved support for SME companies. They are now at par with other companies on

Major improvements:
- Show half-yearly balance sheets
- Show half-yearly results
- Use the latest numbers for ratios
- Show SMEs on the latest results page

Karma Points - A token of Gratitude 💜.

A lot of our users have been helping us in making the website better each day. They report bugs, and errors, update missing con call links, and key insights, help us with feature suggestions, and many more. We will be acknowledging our user's efforts by providing Karma Points as a token of Gratitude.
Karma Points
You can check your Karma points on this page:

Annual Shareholding pattern

We have added Annual Shareholding pattern data and now you can toggle between the Quarterly and Yearly shareholding patterns in the Investors table.
Shareholding pattern Table
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