Save hours spent in getting data.

Get unlimited alerts and customisations.
Hobby Investor
Hobby Investor
  • Includes
  • Create Custom Stock Screens
  • Watchlist of 50 Companies
  • Set 2 Screen Alerts
  • 15 Columns for comparison
  • Customized Export to Excel
  • Create custom ratios
Active Investor
Active Investor
GST included
per year
  • Everything in Free, plus:
  • Download Watchlist / Screen results
  • Unlimited Companies in Watchlist*
  • Unlimited Stock Screen Alerts*
  • 50 Columns for comparison
  • Segment Results
  • Detailed peer comparison
  • Filter Watchlist / Screens by Industry
  • Multiple Watchlists
  • View all Industry / Sector Peers
  • Trade data of 9000+ products
  • Notes to accounts
  • Credit Rating reports
  • Priority Support
Trade Data
Trade Data
Track the export / import trade data of over 9000 products to understand industry dynamics.
No Limits
No Limits
Create a huge watchlist or lots of screens. Add more columns and alerts. Nothing should stop you from finding great stocks.
Priority Support
Priority Support
Stuck anywhere? No problem - we will try to fix your problems as soon as possible.
Support in development of Screener
Your contribution supports in increasing the team, adding new data points and creating new features for a better research.
Currently working on
  • PE Charting
  • Price change ratios
  • Quick Peer Comparison
* Unlimited Access: Though there are internal-limits on few resource extensive features such as emails and columns, these limits are set pretty high for paid users.
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