Change Log

October 2021

Search Corporate Announcements via Keywords

We have added the search functionality in the Corporate Announcements tab which allows one to search the company filings through Keywords.

Watch Episode 3 of Screener Screenshots for more details on this feature

September 2021

Detailed line-items for Fixed Assets in the Balance sheet

We now show the detailed breakup of the Fixed Assets - Land, Building, Plant&Machinery, Equipment, Furniture, Intangible Assets, and others.

The bifurcation allows you to gauge the investments made by the company in its fixed assets over the years.
Details of fixed assets schedule
Check out Episode 2 of Screener Screenshots for more details on this.

Performance Enhancements and New Updates

In this month, we have improved our working around a few of our existing features.
Performance Enhancements:
- Improved calculation of trade payable days in cases where material cost was a very low and fixed formula for cash conversion cycle where trade payables were very low.
- Improved detection of quarterly result PDF in announcements
-Improving classification of announcements to enhance user feeds.
- Improved search results for companies. This will produce the most appropriate and speedy results and can handle partial words better.

New Ratio
- Added a New ratio for Public shareholding, which shows the Public Shareholding% of a company as per the latest filings.

Upcoming Feature update:
Currently, We update the Current price before 7 PM. Now, we are working on providing the live prices of the stocks with 15 Minute delayed data from the stock exchange.

August 2021

Performance improvements

We focused a lot on the performance and automation during the month of August.

Bug fixes and improvements
- Added tools to process key points more quickly. Enhanced the editorial process to add more insightful key points.
- Improved automation around the CGST, SGST, and IGST billing.
- Added new email servers for faster and more reliable email deliveries.
- Updated the backend libraries (Django 3) for more security and faster developments.

Minor updates
- The latest results page now shows an indicator for "standalone numbers" where the standalone results are shown.
- Improved import to watchlist functionality to support more formats.

Working capital ratios in the ratios table

Trends and changes in working capital days are powerful indicators of the working capital efficiency of companies.

We added 3 new rows for "Debtor days", "Inventory Days" and "Days Payable" in the ratios table.
Added working capital efficiency ratios
The inventory days and days payable are calculated on the material cost (cost of goods sold).

July 2021

New ratios for finding price-volume action

We have added some new ratios based on volume and price:

New Volume ratios
Volume 1year average
Volume 1month average 
Volume 1week average
New Price ratios
Return over 1week 
Return over 1day 
Example query.

June 2021

Financial data of new companies coming out with an IPO

We used to show data for new listings after the companies got listed on exchanges. We have now improved upon this workflow. Now the data for new listings starts showing as soon as the IPO gets opened for subscription.
Financial results of Zomato

Equity History on company pages

We have added a tab for equity history on the company balance sheets. It provides the details of changes in equity including:
- details of the conversion of warrants
- preferential allotments
- buy-backs and the prices of buy-back
- details of shares issued in mergers and demergers
- other corporate actions such as splits and bonuses

These details are now available with a click. These save a lot of time in understanding various changes in a company's equity.
See equity history of the companies