Developed by William O'Neil of Investor's Business Daily, CANSLIM is a method of screening for stocks based on the folllowing seven characteristics. It should be noted that typically, only 2% of the database will qualify as buy candidates using these screening applications. Also, when the Market Edge "Market Posture" is bearish, there will not be any selections since the M part of the formula requires a favorable market environment. In order to qualify as a CANSLIM stock the company needs to have the following characteristics: • C=Current Earnings: Quarterly earnings per share are up 25% or more. • A=Annual Earnings: Five year average compounded earnings growth rate is greater that 24%. • N=New Highs: The stock is within 15% of making a new 52-week high and is breaking out of a period of consolodation. • S=Shares Outstanding: The number of shares outstanding is less than 50 million shares and there has been a recent increase in trading volume. • L=Leading Stocks: The company is a market leader reflected by a Relative Strength Value (RSV) of 80 or higher.A RSV of 80 means that the stock outperformed 80% of all other stocks in the data base during the past year. • I=Institutional Ownership: Institutional sponsorship should be minimal but there should be at least one major institution with a sizeable position in the stock. • M=Market Conditions: The Market Edge "Market Posture" should be Bullish.During periods when the posture is bearish, there will not be any selections.

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S.No. Name CMP Rs. P/E Mar Cap Rs.Cr. Div Yld % NP Qtr Rs.Cr. Qtr Profit Var % Sales Qtr Rs.Cr. Qtr Sales Var % ROCE % Exp Qtr EPS Rs. EPS Qtr Rs. Avg PAT 5Yrs Rs.Cr.
26. LIC Housing Fin. 782.059.0343017.681.151081.91-9.166948.218.048.7949.1819.673016.70
27. PTC India Fin 58.3523.313747.721.7113.85-61.96176.46-8.928.920.850.22120.42
28. NLC India 284.0321.2439384.641.23113.94-86.363540.61-
29. Sundaram Finance 4510.8533.6950115.540.67472.41-29.652155.8945.329.2131.6524.111181.69
30. Can Fin Homes 850.2514.7611321.430.71199.648.83931.0813.009.2626.2214.99535.03
31. PTC India 219.4414.756495.643.5596.17-19.083507.39-1.849.648.353.09442.94
32. Max Financial 1094.00111.0237755.560.00-50.08-195.9914887.8149.949.773.99-1.28308.48
33. Power Fin.Corpn. 525.108.77173288.342.577556.4320.2624141.4020.349.8521.6417.0413709.47
34. AAVAS Financiers 1759.2528.3913922.650.00142.6212.52546.0221.479.9124.7118.02363.13
35. Reliance Industr 2991.4029.442023925.340.3017445.00-5.45231784.0011.679.9930.3122.3756441.75
36. REC Ltd 604.5511.25159191.562.654079.0933.0712677.1823.7610.0520.4015.499736.56
37. JM Financial 99.39145.899499.092.01-674.10-26.621260.7049.0910.131.50-2.39514.11
38. Exide Inds. 539.8554.1945887.250.37185.702.564172.9013.4910.153.672.171509.63
39. Ponni Sug.Erode 516.0010.82443.761.360.81-87.8454.73-44.0010.3510.640.9434.14
40. Cholaman.Inv.&Fn 1388.9034.11116701.100.141065.2324.565427.5645.0810.4120.1812.682162.94
S.No. Name CMP Rs. P/E Mar Cap Rs.Cr. Div Yld % NP Qtr Rs.Cr. Qtr Profit Var % Sales Qtr Rs.Cr. Qtr Sales Var % ROCE % Exp Qtr EPS Rs. EPS Qtr Rs. Avg PAT 5Yrs Rs.Cr.
41. Repco Home Fin 536.358.503355.480.56108.0731.63392.5815.3610.5325.9617.27290.04
42. Tata Consumer 1231.2587.19117317.790.63212.2624.513926.948.5210.654.912.27976.47
43. Kirloskar Indus. 5883.4527.405846.320.1970.7373.611728.609.8110.68112.7262.92177.52
44. Chola Financial 1495.8515.8428088.690.041143.7525.787083.4836.5910.7241.8127.321092.36
45. India Glycols 1088.7019.483370.620.6942.215.95926.1449.5410.7318.7813.63146.05
46. Stove Kraft 622.7060.292058.130.402.66144.33325.2316.9610.742.350.8042.34
47. Borosil 374.2067.774464.170.005.0861.27228.8829.6511.171.410.4461.33
48. Chemfab Alka. 837.5039.731191.480.156.56-58.5982.3012.2811.196.254.6129.34
49. SMS Pharma. 273.2146.802312.780.1115.9297.27245.8064.4911.222.431.8843.06
50. Home First Finan 1041.6030.299260.930.3383.4730.36312.7637.8811.2515.209.43179.96
Median: 235 Co. 889.3536.1812675.070.4767.5614.11789.713.018.3410.775.35221.68
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