Optimizations in calculating numbers

Screener makes certain adjustments in the numbers of the companies to make them comparable with previous years as well as with other companies. Some of these adjustments are given below.

Excluding extra-ordinary items

Screener removes the extra-ordinary items in the calculation of important ratios such as Price to Earning and Return on Capital Employed.

Considering TTM numbers where available

Screener calculates ratios on trailing-12-months (TTM) numbers where they are available.

Excluding Excise Duty and Discounts

Companies are now required to report sales net of excise duty and discounts. Screener automatically excludes items where not excluded.

Return on Capital Employed

For calculating ROE and ROCE, we take the average of opening and closing capital employed.

Further, for calculating capital employed, we exclude capital not deployed in business i.e. CWIP, Investments and non-current assets in balance sheet.

To include these items, one can use Return on Assets ratio.

Few numbers are 999

In some cases the numbers such as ROA might show as 999. These are substitute values for infinite. Example: if the assets employed in business is negative (due to high advances from dealers - such as in Eicher), then the ROA will be infinite and shown as 999%.

Feel free to open an issue to discuss any of these.