Simple » Accurate » Powerful

Screener is a simple yet powerful tools for your stock research. It has been "built by the investors and for the investors."

Simple and clean

Clean & Simple

Screener is tailor made for all your devices. You get the same clean interface on your mobile - tablets - desktops. Your changes and customization are synced everywhere.

Accurate and Smart

Tracks multiple sources: Screener smartly updates you about inside trades, credit rating updates, announcements, annual reports, and much more. All at one place!

Smart adjustments: Screener automatically detects consolidated numbers for running queries. It also automatically adjusts the numbers to make like to like comparisons.

Powerful and Automated

Automatic alerts for screens

Set Alerts: Create your screen and forget them. Screener will automatically run your screens everyday and email you the new results. This makes finding new ideas and tracking latest results super-easy.

Export to Excel: You can export the data for any company in powerful excel sheet. And above all, you can even upload your own excel sheet for future exports. This is magical and super-powerful.

Awesome community and Support

Over 50,000 public screens: View any screen and customize it as you need.

Active Development: We love to create new tools as much as we love investing.

Active Support: Stuck anywhere? We are there to help you. Create a new issue.