Change-log of latest developments

Updated on Oct. 23, 2020, 1:38 p.m.

October 2020

Introduced new design focused on: readability, organisation and mobile devices.
Fixed many things in new design based on feedbacks.
Updated import / export trade data till August 2020.

September 2020 

New ratios
Average EBIT 5Year
Average EBIT 10Year
Advance from Customers

Bug fixes
Late updation of prices in evening.
Announcements and annual report links of NSE companies.
Chart prices over long periods: use week's last price instead of average price.

August 2020

Improved deliverability of emails
Now all emails updates are delivered before market hours.

Show annual results from quarterly filings
Earlier the FY20 numbers showed only where the annual reports were available.
Screens and export to excel also use FY20 numbers from quarterly results if available.

Updated export / import trade data till Jun'20.

Bug fixes
Minor bug fixes in shareholding pattern.
Minor bug fixes in annual report and exchange links.

July 2020

New features
Tracker for latest annual reports.
Update trade data for exports and imports till April'20.

Bug fixes
Minor bug fixes: Import companies didn't import all companies in some cases.
Double click on export to excel is fixed.
Latest filter was not updating when re-saving / updating a screen.
Duplicate columns for same month when viewing shareholder's data.
Improved performance and security with a version upgrade of the backend.

June 2020

New features
Emails for screens alerts indicate the quarter ending.
Updated trade data for exports and imports till March'20.
Added shareholding patterns.
Added reverse search for shareholders.
Added link for tracking new quarterly results.
Added changes in working capital in cash flow statements.

Bug fixes
Errors in import for watchlist
Decimals in small companies
Long user names
Many small bug fixes and performance improvements
Updated formula of "Inventory Turnover" to consider material cost in numerator instead of sales.

May 2020

New features
Added detailed line items for cash flows.
Added more line items in "Other liabilities".
Added ability to change email without contacting support.
Added exchange indicator in price chart.
Added PE median value.
Added social logins: you can now login in one click without needing to remember the passwords.

New ratios
Book value 3years back
Book value 5years back
Book value 10years back

Bug fixes
Fixed adjusted NOES in export to excel for all companies. Earlier there was a minor bug in few companies due to unprovided bonus.
Fixed sales growth 10years in cases where month ending financial year changed.
Fixed decimals in schedules.

April 2020

New features
Added median PE in the historical PE chart of companies.
DMA preferences are now remembered for user.
Consider interim dividends and exclude special dividends in dividend yield.
Open companies in new page when browsing screens.
Major update of the backend.

New ratios
High price all time
Low price all time
Sales growth 5years median
Employee cost last year
Number of equity shares 10years back

Bug fixes
Fixed excel exports for custom excel sheets where sheet name contains a single or double quote (' or ").
Doubled the server capacity to serve requests quickly even at higher loads.
Fixed `volume` ratio: It now considers both exchanges when taking average volume of last 7 days.

March 2020

New features
Show all watchlist options when following company on company page.
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Testing out push-notifications.

Optimised watchlist email alerts to deliver early.

Added dates to announcements and credit rating reports on company page.

Made industry and sector pages available for all.

Added explore page: [](

Fixed bugs in descriptions of ratios, industry filter, historical PE chart etc.

February 2020

Improved column widths on mobile displays.

Minor UI improvements to make "clickable" items obvious.

Ordered upcoming results by date and then name.

Exclude extra-ordinary income when plotting Historical PE charts.

Fixed companies showing in upcoming results when result already declared.

Added info about GST: option to provide GST details is available after payment.

Improved updates for annual reports and SME announcements on NSE.

January 2020

In feed: show next 100 result dates instead of results due in next 7 days.

Removed regular filings in news feed. Removed regular filings are: duplicate shares, closure of trading window, transfer agent.

Added "last visit" position in user feed.

UI improvements: Bar colours in graph. Links in navigation bar.

Improved search for finding trade commodities.

Fixed order of line items in detailed peer comparison.

Added GPA % and NPA % in detailed comparison in case of banking companies.

Fixed mail delivery to and

Fixed automatic unsubscribe from email updates in few cases.

Added 50 and 200 days moving average for seeing long term "trends":


December 2019

Updated export / import trade data of commodities till October 2019.

Improved pros / cons for change in promoter holdings.

Improved error messages in [custom ratios](

Fixed UI for building queries.

Updated formula for ROIC to consider NOPAT in numerator.

Added direct unsubscribe link to all email communications.

**New Ratios:** `Cash Equivalents`

Updated `Enterprise Value` to consider cash equivalents from quarterly balance sheets.

Optimised ratio search and HS code search.

Improved updating of announcements in feed.

Fixed employee cost to include director remuneration.

Use median values for Historical PE instead of average.

November 2019

**Added Historical PE chart along with TTM EPS.**

Fixed urls of many companies.

Performance improvement across website and email alerts.

Much quicker updates for quarterly results.

**Added segment results for last 10 years at one place.**


October 2019

Added checks in Pros / Cons.

**Added new ratios:** `Average debtor days 3years`

Few bug fixes in paging. Improved error messages.

**Added new Ratios Gallery for choosing columns.**


Added delivery info in charts.

September 2019

**Added new ratios:** `Return over 1month`, `Return over 3months`, `Return over 6months`, `Return over 1year`, `Return over 3years`, `Return over 5years` and `Return over 10years`

**Added ["Import companies"]( for watchlists in one click** (it can import companies from almost anything).

Added "Stock Price CAGR" below Profit and Loss.

Increased number of columns to 50 for premium users.

Added "maintenance page" when website upgrades are taking place.

Added guide for [customised export to excel](

Various performance and bug fixes. 

August 2019

**Added Export feature for Screen Results**


Updated user profile page for email change

Updated Trade Data till June 2019

**Added EPS for Quarterly Results**

July 2019

**Added Industry Filter**


**New Ratios**

Material cost last year: this can be used in many ways including calculation of gross profit ratio in custom ratios

Added a link for seeing [latest annual reports](

Consider balance sheet extract from quarterly results for calculation of Borrowings (Debt), Reserves, Investments, Net Block, Balance Sheet Total, Inventory, CWIP etc.

Updated premium page to highlight upcoming changes

Updated pricing page to make it more transparent in terms of features

Minor updates to improve navigation on mobile devices

Improved peer comparison algorithm

Few bug fixes in ratios and rating updates

June 2019

Added experimental [text search]( for searching companies businesses

Added more line-items in expansions for company balance sheets (Other Assets etc).

**New Ratios:**

Operating profit 2quarters back

Operating profit 3quarters back

Fixed Fixed Assets for intangibles in case of consolidated numbers

Consider latest balance sheet from quarterly results for many ratios

Fixed minor bugs in detailed peer comparison. Improved its layout.

May 2019

Fixed Industry PE and Industry PBV ratios
Fixed exclusion of sales tax while considering revenue for different companies
Major rewrites in backend to simplify overall code structure

March 2019

Automatic showing of ratios used in query (first 3)

New Ratios
Asset Turnover Ratio
Financial Leverage
Trade Payables