Change Log

August 2020

Show annual results from quarterly filings

We now show annual data directly from quarterly results. This greatly improves the availability of annual data much before annual reports are available.

Earlier, we showed the annual data of a company only when the annual reports were published. Companies publish an extract of annual data in their quarterly filings. This is available much before the annual reports. We now import the annual data from these quarterly filings till the time annual reports are not available.

Updated export / import trade data till Jun'20

We have updated the export / import trade data for HS codes till June 2020 now.

Bug fixes

Fixed minor bug fixes in shareholding pattern.
Fixed minor bug fixes in annual report and exchange links.

July 2020

Bug Fixes

Fixed minor bug in during import of companies from a file
We can use the import option to add companies to watchlist from any file.

Fixed error 500 on double clicking export to excel.

Fixed updation of latest filter when re-saving / updating a screen.

Removed duplicate columns for same month when viewing shareholder's data.

Improved performance and security with a version upgrade of the backend.

Page for new annual reports

We added a new page for tracking latest annual reports:
Latest annual reports tracker on

June 2020

Shareholding patterns

We have added shareholding patterns for all the companies.

- Goto any company
- Click on investors to see shareholding patterns over time
- Click on any person name to see all their other holdings

* The shareholding patterns are based on company filings. It discloses names of investors who hold over 1% shares in the company.
Shareholding patterns on
Reverse search
The feature also provides the option of reverse search. We can type in the name of any large institution and see their other holdings where they hold over 1% of the company's equity.

Indicator for the quarter in email alerts for Screens

Screener has some huge number of community create Screens:

One of our favourite feature is the option to set email alerts on screens. Now the email alerts also show the corresponding quarter in the emails.
Indicator for quarter in screener emails

Tracker for latest quarterly results

We have added a new page for tracking latest quarterly results. We have also improved a lot upon the updation speed. Most quarterly results are now available within few hours of publishing.

Our Dad drove this feature. He loves to track new quarterly results. He says that "like a farmer gets 2 seasons for sowing; an investor gets 4 seasons for seeding new stock ideas." This page enables him to keep track of all the new quarterly results.