Change Log

Docs Change Log

January 2020

New features and updates

Removed regular filings in news feed
Removed regular filings such as duplicate shares, closure of trading window, transfer agent etc from the news feed.

Added "last visit" position in user feed.

UI improvements: Bar colours in graph. Links in navigation bar.

Improved search for finding trade commodities.

Fixed order of line items in detailed peer comparison.

Added GPA % and NPA % in detailed comparison in case of banking companies.

Fixed mail delivery to and

Fixed automatic unsubscribe from email updates in few cases.

December 2019

New features and updates

Added direct unsubscribe link to all email communications.

New Ratios
Cash Equivalents

Updated Enterprise Value to consider cash equivalents from quarterly balance sheets.
Optimised ratio search and HS code search.

Fixed employee cost to include director remuneration.

Use median values for Historical PE instead of average.

November 2019

New features and updates

Added new Historical PE chart
The price to earnings chart on company page plots historical PE of the company along with the TTM EPS.

Performance improvement across website and email alerts.
Much quicker updates for quarterly results.

September 2019

New Ratios

Added new ratios
Return over 1month
Return over 3months
Return over 6months
Return over 1year
Return over 3years
Return over 5years
Return over 10years
These were often requested to filter companies by performance. These ratios provide price CAGRs over long periods.

August 2019

July 2019