Change Log

January 2021

Get live updates of announcements through push notifications

You can now get push notifications for new results. You can enable push-notifications for getting notifications of new announcements of the companies you follow.

Video tutorial for mobiles:

This is specifically helpful during the results season.
GIF on how to enable push notifications on Screener

Wiki editing for companies page: Experimental

We have added new features which allows users to edit the about section of any company.

Users can also add key-points for any company.

December 2020

Fixed lag in the updation of price charts

We update the prices and all the related ratios at around 6:30pm. In some cases, however, the price charts still showed the old price. We have fixed it now.

Remember toggles in charts

We recently added the new performance chart. It plots quarterly results of last 10-15 years. It also plots gross, operating and net margins.

You can toggle these margin lines by clicking the legend below the chart. These toggles settings are saved now and remembered the next time you open any company page.

November 2020

Updated design for documentation pages

We have made the change-log page more organised now.

New ratio for median sales growth of 10 years

Added a new ratio called: Sales growth 10years median

It is pretty useful to find companies with consistent growth. It is best used together with CAGR ratio.

Example query:
Sales growth 10years median > 10% AND
Sales growth 10Years > 15%

Updated import / export trade data till September 2020

Data related to HS wise imports and exports has been updated till September 2020.

Added EPS and delta on latest results page

Latest results page
The page for latest quarterly results not shows the change in sales and EPS. Also added price for each company.