Change Log

October 2020

New design for picking columns

Added new Ratios Gallery for choosing columns
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Added new performance chart

We have added a new chart that shows last 50-60 quarters at a glance. It shows the volatility in numbers and margins. It is pretty addictive once we get used to it.
Performance chart of companies with quarterly sales and margins
We borrowed this chart from Sandeep who often shared this graph on ValuePickr. Thanks to him for also doing a short chat on how he uses this graph.

New design of Screener

The new design organises the content into "cards". It makes things easier to find and scan. Plus we made a lot of changes to make the pages more friendly on mobiles and tablets.

We have also changed the font to make it more readable. It works particularly well on small devices. We have also added a new "dark mode" which is easier on eyes during night.
Screener new design with dark mode
The new design focuses on organisation and simplicity. It also gives us some space to add new content in future 😉. 

Thanks to Vishnu for the brilliant design work.

September 2020

New ratios

We have added new ratios for:
Average EBIT 5Year
Average EBIT 10Year
Advance from Customers
The average EBIT ratios are useful for filtering companies where the earnings have suddenly fallen. This was often used by Ben Graham in his book "Security Analysis".

Advance from Customers is a very powerful ratios for finding companies with float.

Bug Fixes

Late updation of prices in evening
Now the prices and related ratios are updated in the evening at around 7pm.

Announcements and annual report links of NSE companies.
Fixed links of many announcements and annual reports.

Fixed chart prices over long periods
Earlier the prices charts over long periods showed average price of each week. Now in case of weekly price charts, the week's last price is shown.

August 2020

Improved deliverability of emails

Now all emails updates are delivered before market hours.

Show annual results from quarterly filings

We now show annual data directly from quarterly results. This greatly improves the availability of annual data much before annual reports are available.

Earlier, we showed the annual data of a company only when the annual reports were published. Companies publish an extract of annual data in their quarterly filings. This is available much before the annual reports. We now import the annual data from these quarterly filings till the time annual reports are not available.

Updated export / import trade data till Jun'20

We have updated the export / import trade data for HS codes till June 2020 now.