Change Log

Docs Change Log

April 2020

New Ratios

Added some new ratios:
High price all time
Low price all time
Sales growth 5years median
Employee cost last year
Number of equity shares 10years back

March 2020

February 2020

Bug Fixes

- We now exclude extra-ordinary income when plotting Historical PE charts.
- Added info about GST: option to provide GST details is available after payment.
- Improved updates for annual reports and SME announcements on NSE.

January 2020

New features and updates

Removed regular filings in news feed
Removed regular filings such as duplicate shares, closure of trading window, transfer agent etc from the news feed.

Added "last visit" position in user feed.

UI improvements: Bar colours in graph. Links in navigation bar.

Improved search for finding trade commodities.

Fixed order of line items in detailed peer comparison.

Added GPA % and NPA % in detailed comparison in case of banking companies.

Fixed mail delivery to and

Fixed automatic unsubscribe from email updates in few cases.

December 2019

New features and updates

Added direct unsubscribe link to all email communications.

New Ratios
Cash Equivalents

Updated Enterprise Value to consider cash equivalents from quarterly balance sheets.
Optimised ratio search and HS code search.

Fixed employee cost to include director remuneration.

Use median values for Historical PE instead of average.

November 2019