Change Log

June 2021

Insider trades on company pages

The history of insider trades is often helpful in getting clues of promoter (or key managerial person's) actions. These are often helpful in cases where promoter holding is increasing.

The insider trades were already shown on the feed page for the companies you follow. We have now added this detail on the company page too.
Details of insider buyings in companies

May 2021

Better Customer Support and Guides

We have migrated to HelpScout for providing better support on user queries.

You can submit your queries at:

We have also added few guides around common queries
- How do we calculate intrinsic value?
- Why are numbers on Screener different?
- Customizing data in Excel Sheets

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Performance improvements
- improved loading times by increasing resources
- fixed database issues for performance
- implemented page limits to prevent misuse and improve security
- improved rendering times in charts
- faster delivery of watchlist emails in the morning

Bug fixes
- Improved search for companies when using "limited" or "ltd" in the suffix
- fixed formula for PAT where weird adjustments in minority interest are done by companies.

April 2021

Basic Features of Screener [Video]

We did a session with Varinder Bansal Ji of Omakara Capital. We shared about the basic features of Screener.

Link to video:
Link to presentation.
Session with Omkara Capital

Curated a list of popular stock screens

List of popular Stock Screens
Improved the stock screens page to showcase some useful screens.

March 2021

PDF links for quarterly results

Added links to raw PDFs in quarterly results.
Link to RAW PDF filings in quarterly results.

Added section for concalls

We have added a section for investor concall transcripts on company pages.

Added keyboard shortcut to search company: "/" (Slash)

Pressing slash, /, will now take to search box in the navigation bar.