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June 2020

Indicator for the quarter in email alerts for Screens

Screener has some huge number of community create Screens:

One of our favourite feature is the option to set email alerts on screens. Now the email alerts also show the corresponding quarter in the emails.
Indicator for quarter in screener emails

Tracker for latest quarterly results

We have added a new page for tracking latest quarterly results. We have also improved a lot upon the updation speed. Most quarterly results are now available within few hours of publishing.

Our Dad drove this feature. He loves to track new quarterly results. He says that "like a farmer gets 2 seasons for sowing; an investor gets 4 seasons for seeding new stock ideas." This page enables him to keep track of all the new quarterly results.

Changes in working capital in cash flow statement

We have now added break up of working capital changes in cash-flow statement.

- Goto any company
- Click Cash from operating activities
- It will show comparative break-up of working capital changes over last 10-12 years.

Bug Fixes

Fixed some errors during import of companies to watchlist
Fixed decimals in small companies
Fixed many small bugs and made some performance improvements
Updated formula of "Inventory Turnover" to consider material cost in numerator instead of sales.

May 2020

New features

Added detailed line items for cash flows.
Added more line items in "Other liabilities".

Added ability to change email without contacting support.
Added exchange indicator in price chart.

Added median PE value in historical PE chart.

Added social logins
You can now login in one click without needing to remember the passwords.

New Ratios

Added some new ratios related to historical book value:
Book value 3years back
Book value 5years back
Book value 10years back
These are helpful in finding companies with increasing book value over the years.

Bug fixes

Fixed adjusted NOES in export to excel for all companies. Earlier there was a minor bug in few companies due to unprovided bonus.

Fixed sales growth 10years in cases where month ending financial year changed.

Fixed decimals in schedules.

April 2020

New Features

Added median PE in the historical PE chart of companies.
DMA preferences are now remembered for user.
Consider interim dividends and exclude special dividends in dividend yield.
Open companies in new page when browsing screens.
Major update of the backend.