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The Bull CartelCompanies with a good quarterly growth. Specially made to keep a track of latest quarterly results. For best results, set an email alert for the screen.
Piotroski ScanCompanies with Piotroski score of 9 which reflects nine criteria used to determine the strength of a firm's financial position. It is based on 3 most important criteria: Profitability, Leverage and operating efficiency. Please read more about it at:
Highest Dividend Yield SharesStocks that have been consistently paying out dividend sorted on highest yield.
High Growth High RoE Low PEUndervalued companies
Quick Cash FlowCompanies with an efficient cash management and having working capital of less than a month.
Highest YOY Quarterly profit growthStocks with the highest Quarter on Quarter Growth in Profits.
Highest Quarterly Profit vs Market CapCompanies with the highest quarterly profit as compared to their Market Capitalization.
Loss to Profit CompaniesCompanies which had a turnaround and had quarterly results from loss to profit.
Highest YOY Quarterly sales growthCompanies with highest growth in their top-lines.
Magic FormulaBased on famous Magic Formula.
SuvikasValue invest - 1st Filter
Cash exceed MarketcapParameters: - Cash is > Market Cap - PB < 1 - PE < 5
DefensiveRevenue > 500 crore, Current Ratio > 2, Debt-to-Equity Ratio < 1, Positive earnings in last 5 years, More than 10% of CAGR in EPS
Criteria One1. Latest Annual Revenue > 100 cr 2. Last 5 year Net Profits > 0 3. Last 5 year Dividend per Share > 0 4. Current Ratio >= 2 5. Debt-to-Equity Ratio <= 1 6. Last 5 year EPS CAGR >= 10% 7. CMP/latest Book value <= 1.5 8. CMP/avg. eps of last 5 years <= 20
Formula 1A comprehensive screen used by Dad to find Growth stocks.
Quarterly GrowersQ0>Q1>Q2>Q3
Piotroski score and Qrtly GrowersPiotroski score > 6.5 and Net Profit latest quarter / Net Profit preceding quarter > 1 and Net Profit preceding quarter / Net profit 2quarters back > 1 and Net profit 2quarters back / Net profit 3quarters back > 1 and Net profit 3quarters back / Net Profit preceding year quarter > 1
Growing Companies with High Quarterly ProfitYOY Quarterly profit growth > 20 and PEG Ratio > 10 and Profit growth 5Years > 0.2
Fast Growing Companies 2 YOY Quarterly profit growth > 40 and PEG Ratio > 5 and Return on equity 5years growth > 1.0 and Profit growth 5Years > 1.0
Wealth DestructionStocks to beware of.
Cash BargainCash Bargain
Formula 1 modifiedTrying to add in safety and undervalued parameters (AAA bond yield is 10%...avg. ROCE > 10 * P/B
search for value stockscreening value stocks with sound history of performance
Low PE and High EPS Growthcustom search with PE<10,EPSGR>10
Debt Capacity Bargain using CashflowsDebt Capacity Bargain using cashflows. Calculated as follows: a. Calculate the avg. operating cashflow using last 5 yrs data (only debt-free firms) b. Assume Interest coverage ratio = 4 c. Divide Avg. Op. Cash flow/Interest coverage d. Divide c. figure by interest rate (Interest rate assumed 12%). e. This will give us the Debt capacity of the business. f. Min. value of business (Value of equity) is 1.75 times Debt capacity (Graham, Security Analysis, Prof. Bakshi BFBV Lecture 10) g. Intrinsic value = Min. value of business + cash available h. Calculate if Intrinsic value > Mkt cap.